Boya Lake

Don’t assume from my photographs of Boya Lake that the water is always flat. In fact, it can be quite windy and choppy. But it is always beautiful.

Cassiar City was the site of an asbestos mine. Obviously it is now mostly abandoned.

A family of beavers was busy with daily chores as I was padeling by.


8 thoughts on “Boya Lake

  1. David Fogel

    Hi Ron,
    Finally I caught up with your blog and the beautiful pictures. Boya lake is already in British Columbia so you must be on your way back from Alaska. I didn’t see any pictures of Salmon. My guess is that you got tired of eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hope to see you soon.

    1. admin

      No Salmon!
      I stopped at Hyder US where there is a big viewing platform to watch the grizzly bear catching salmon. No salmon, no bears, no nothing. I think it is too early in the season.

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