Jasper and Lake Louise

This is the last stop on the Alaska trip.

6 thoughts on “Jasper and Lake Louise

    1. admin

      So, if you are planning a trip back there, I would avoid the high season. It was nice when we were there in Late May, but this time it was packed solid.

  1. Barry

    Ron, that image of you standing on Bald Hill looking at the lake and mountains, and the beautiful clouds, is truly stunning.

  2. David Fogel

    Moraine Lake picture is awesome. Looks like you are slowly getting closer and closer to the State of California. This is a crowded state with population of ~ 38M. Lots of traffic jams and occasional heat waves like the one that e have in recent days. No moose or caribous. Occasional bears in the mountains. Are you sure you want to head back to California?
    looking forward to see you.

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