Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir

I stumbled on this place on the way to Jarbidge, Nevada. There is a nice campground that is mostly used by boaters and anglers, but it was a convenient stop for me on the way back from Jarbidge – Just a place to dump and refill my water tanks and catch up with friends on the internet. I planned to stay a couple of days and ended up staying a week.

There are a few interesting places to visit like Twin Falls Idaho and there is hiking in the Sawtooth NF. It is a bit of a drive, but worth exploring.

One of the most remarkable feature of the Salmon Falls Reservoir is the dam. It was built in 1910 and very impressive still.

Notice in the last image, there is a road going on top of the dam. This is the road to Jarbidge. The road is a narrow one lane over the dam and quite remarkable with a 220 ft drop on one side and water (that is probably just as deep on the other.
A truck and trailer crossing the Salmon Dam

2 thoughts on “Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir

  1. David Fogel

    Hi traveler,
    The Salmon dam looks remarkably similar to Hoover dam. Looks like you are having great time. We are still struggling with masks here.
    Hope you are having great time.