The Everglades

They always tell you that Southern Florida is sunny, but I never heard how flat it is. Driving through the Everglades there are 2 high passes that the park service chose to mark with signs. One is 3 ft. the other 4. That is 3 and 4 feet above sea level, and those are the high points! Another remarkable piece of knowledge that I acquired on this visit is that the Everglades is not really a marsh, but a slow flowing river. With so little elevation change it is no wonder that the water take their time flowing towards the ocean which essentially makes the area a marsh.

4 thoughts on “The Everglades

  1. David Fogel

    You “missed” the heavy rain that we had this past week in the Bay area. Unlike the southern part of Florida that is all wet and flat we have here fires in the summer and hill slides in the winter. They just closed HWY 1 south of Big Sur due road collapse. It just slid into the ocean.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Bonnie Ruesch

    I’m glad to see you are still enjoying your trip through the south. But watch out for the allegaors and crocodiles. I think the Everglades is the only place that has both.