Big Bend National Park, Texas

While most visitors are attracted to Chisos Basin and the mountains, I found the river and desert equally attractive.


6 thoughts on “Big Bend National Park, Texas

  1. Ron Karpel Post author

    I just drove all day through a snow storm. Is that what you call “the real Texas?” Any way, in the Hill Country near Austin right now.

  2. Maia Pindar

    Impressive, romantic scenery. How do you visit the river in the canyon? Were you in a boat, or using a long distance shot from a trail?
    Nature (PBS) is showing a program on Big Bend this week.

  3. Ron Karpel Post author

    I think there is a little town near the park where they rent you the kayak and also transport you to the start and pick you up at the end. Otherwise, you need 2 vehicles. It is possible to hike to the point where this picture was taken, but not farther.