Guadalupe Mountains National Park

There is significant geology to this park, but also many wonderful hiking trails. The highlight is Guadalupe Peak, the highest point of Texas. I was struck by the high number of backcountry hiking only campgrounds, which suggests there are many takers. There were even a few backpackers on the day I hiked when night time temperatures were expected in the teens.

3 thoughts on “Guadalupe Mountains National Park

  1. David Fogel

    This is the first time that I see so many layers of limestone in slot canyon. However, I didn’t travel as much as you did. Looks like it’s vey cold at the summit and my guess is that it’s also very windy.
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Bonnie Ruesch

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Stay on the road and enjoy as long as you can. Most everything is closed here, although I understand there is camping open in southern California.