Denali NP

I rode the bus into the national park 3 times. It means 3 full days of bouncing around in a worn out school bus. But that is what it took to get one good view of the mountain. Apparently 70% of the visitors don’t get to see the mountain as it is often covered in clouds.

The emphasis seems to be more on wildlife viewing, which is readily present everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Denali NP

  1. Barry

    Wow, thanks for the stunning views of the mountains and the amazing wildlife photos. Very fortunate that you got a clear view of Denali. Really makes me want to make the trip!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Barry
    They say only 30% of the visitors get to see the any part of the mountain and only 10% get the see the complete mountain. In there images the summit is still in the cloud, but the rest of the mountain is visible. The day before the mountain was all in the cloud, but for a short moment you could see the very tip of the summit.