Seward, AK

We spent last week in Seward at the waterfront campground.

9 thoughts on “Seward, AK

  1. David Fogel

    Hi traveler,
    Following you. What’s next? further south or Denali National Park.

  2. Ron Post author

    We are at Denali right now. It has been raining here the last couple of days and they have scheduled at least one more day of rain before switching to a few days of just general bad weather. Apparently Denali is obscured about 70% of the time. We have Bus tickets to go to Wonder Lake each of the next 3 days. I hope to get to see the mountain at least once.

  3. Hailen

    What more beauty can one see, with water reflections of mountains and clouds.
    Nature is still and peaceful, yet dynamic

  4. Keiko Franklin

    Your lens do not escape anything including energy of each object that are synthesized at the each angle, don’t they?

  5. Moodi

    הי פרנצ’סקה ורוני

    המשיכו להינות באלסקה ולעלות עוד תמונות וסיפורי דרכים