Grand Tetons National Park 2023

It is difficult to photograph in the Grand Tetons National Park and not have the Tetons Range in your photographs, and this trip was no different. The first photograph was kind of by chance. I was driving around trying to find something to photograph, it was getting late, and this came up.

A mountain range under rosy clouds

The Tetons Range under Rosy Sky

At first sight, I thought that the barns along Mormon Row must have been put there specially for photographers. But then it turns out they were built some 100 years ago. The Mormons wanted to spread out and figured this would be a good place for a farm.

Mormon Row, John Moulton Barn

From Jackson Lake there is a good view of Mount Moran and the Grand Teton. As this was still spring the wildflowers were everywhere.

Arrowleaf balsamroot wildflowers in bloom on the shore of Jackson Lake with Grand Tetons and Mount Moran glowing in the sunset light, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Did I say the wildflowers were everywhere? They were actually difficult to avoid.

Arrowleaf balsamroot wildflowers and Mount Moran

Here a video collage of these and some other photographs on Rumble

2 thoughts on “Grand Tetons National Park 2023

  1. francoise mertz

    Gorgeous photos. Thank you again, Ron, for sharing your trips with us.