Located at the head of the fjord, Old Valdez must have been extremely pictures. Today all that is left are a few roting pier columns. Old Valdez was destroyed by an earthquake born tsunami in 1964 and was moved to a safer location in 1968. The oil terminal is located on the side side of the fjord opposite the new townsite. We had a campsite right on the water, although there was quite a bit of activities from the small boat port near by.

We took a glacier tour to see the Columbia Glacier, but the highlight was really the wildlife you can see from the boat. Our captain made special effort in locating and stopping by every kind of animal possible. Then he skillfully piloted the boat around the chunk of floating ice in the fjord leading to the Columbia Glacier. We waited there for an hour or so hoping for a chance to view a major glacier calving, but only got to see minor stuff.